Thought I'd just drop a quick note giving the status of my (now) populated TBH.

I don't have any photos yet but I'll take some as soon as the hive is a little more established and the temps warm up a little more.

Basically, cutting to the chase: the girls seem to love it! Since the swarming impluse is so strong this time of year, here in north Texas and swarms are "famous" for festuning (sp?) and drawing out comb like crazy, I decided a swarm was the best way to get my TBH up and running. And it appears to be working very well.

I got a swarm call on Friday and that evening I stopped by after work and picked them up. I got the queen and marked her and put her in a cage and hung it between two of the top bars. I did this just to "force" the swarm to stay put and of couse keep track of the marked queen (for the future). I put on a half-gallon of heavy sugar syrup (via an entrance feeder) and thought I'd release the queen the following Sunday evening.

Late Sunday afternoon, I went out to check on the hive. The bees had taken down a little sugar syrup (but not as much as I would have expected). But the big surprise was the amount of comb that had been drawn out from my starter strips. They were going like gangbusters! I'll post some pics before too long.