I found a 7 1/4" saw blade at my local Lowe's that's made for cutting nails. Its made by DeWalt and sells for $10.97 plus tax here in OK. If you have old brood supers that the bottom 1/2" is rotted out, you can use the blade in a table saw to cut the super down to honey super size.

I cut mine down into 2" segments, nail a 1/4" piece of plywood on the bottom and cut a hole in the middle. Glue a block of 2x4 with a hole in it over the hole in the middle and you have a feeder that works great for bee candy.

My bee candy feeders go on in August and get changed in February. I don't have to worry about the bees starving and I can usually find sugar cheap enough to handle 7 hives (approx. 170 lbs per year).