OK, all. How many of you have used or are using those white, plastic pail invertible hive feeders. They are sold by various bee supply companies in 1, 2 or 3 gallon sizes. I am particuly interested in those of you who are using them now during the cold months. HAS ANYONE FOUND THAT THEY DO NOT LEAK!! I would be extremely intersted to find a type that does NOT. They seem to work OK (not leak) during the warm months but when the daily temperatures start to cycle below freezing, they seem to inevitably do so. I would like to solve this problem in that I like the concept of invertible feeders over the hive-top feeders for 2 reasons:
1) The syrup source is closer to the bees (they have to travel less distance away from cluster warmth to retrieve it).
2) No drowning
Anyone who has ideas as to why the leaking occurs and practical ideas to solve this problem is more than welcome to share them here. I have my own ideas but want to see what you all may have to say first.