I just caught a feral hive last week and thought i would share with any newbies how to make a good bee vac. I started with a 5 hp rigid vac and bought one additional hose kit that comes with a mounting adapter. First take an old hive body and drill a hole that will fit the end of your vac hose. Then drill a second hole about 2" in dia and mount a block of wood with one screw so that the block can rotate freely. This is you damper, You only want enough vacum to pull the bees in. The first time i used this machine it killed every bee because they were sucked in so hard.Next mount a solid bottom to the hive body and #8 hardware cloth to the top. Tape a new hive body with a few frames placed on the sides on top. attach a top board with a hole and the hose adapter mounted to it. Save you hole plug from step one and use it as a lid for the adapter. Just remove the lid, plug in the extra hose put the vac line in the lower hive body and you are ready to go. You can suck bees right into thier new home. I leave them alone after i catch them for a day to let them get settled in. Then i remove the top hive body and add more frames. I hope this helps somebody and if you need to see pics just email me.