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    I am designing a flatbed on which to mount my hives that will be moved on a drop bed truck. I am thinking of mounting the hives in two rows each on the outside edge of the bed, facing inwards. This way I can leave the stake sides on to hide and protect the hives, and remove the stakesides to work the hives from their back side. I will mount the hives on two hive side by side pallets, so that they can also be seperated and forklift moved.
    Any thought or suggestions ?

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    Interesting project... I've never built a truck bed to hold hives before, but I'd be concerned with robbing if you face all the hives inward. Also, when you place hives permanently, you want to have them face east, southeast, or south to take advantage of the early morning sun. If you face the hives inward, they will always be in another hives shadow. I was thinking that you might consider facing them towards one side or the other but, stagger the hives so that when you park your truck, you can position it so that all the hives face the morning sun. This would allow you to gain access to the hives by getting onto the truck bed from the backside of the hives, causing less upsetting of the bees (translates to fewer stings).

    Hope this helps,

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    hello Odd Frank
    seen you add and remembered a old beekeeper I meet yrs ago.
    He had same ideas but he used a school bus with hives faceing out mounted them inside along each side with openings along outside he took them to fla. for orange flow he had his extracter mounted on the rear of the bus it was self contained.
    sold his honey as he moved=got to love it


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