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    I was wondering if anyone knows of any reason(s) not to use galvanized nails on frames? I want to use my nail gun and all the brad nails that I have access to are galvanized. So far I see no problems with them, they do not split the wood and hold very tight. What I am concerned with is there any possible contamination with the honey or with the bees themselves? or any other problems?

    thanks for your suggestions...

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    Typically you treat galvanized metal, that will come in contact with honey, with a food grade paint such as with extractors. I have to believe to what little will come in contact with the heads of the frame nails would not give reason for concern. However, if I had a choice, I'd use cement coated verses galvanized. I don't see it as an issue to be concerned about.


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    Thanks for the information. If I could find nail-gun nails that are cement coated I would use them. All I can find is galvanized. I will keep looking though. Thanks again.

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    Galvanized, or even regular brads from an air nailer shouldn't be an issue on frames. If you set the nailer to countersink 1/16" or a little more, the wood will simply close behind it and the bees won't have any contact with it. You could always have a chunk of beeswax standing by and push some in the hole if you are worried about it, but that is probably not worth the time if you are assembling a number of frames.


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