Here is a thought/question for those of you who build all yourselves:
What is wrong with using 1x10" boards to build the deep hive boxes? The only problem I can see would be the incompatibility with stuff you need to buy. But if someone is making boxes and frames, the only thing that one has to do is to make the frames also a tad less tall (3/8" to be exact since the specs for a deep call for 9-5/8" and a 1x10" board is 9-1/4"). Today I checked at Home Depot and #2 pine boards 1x10x10 run at $11, while the same #2 pine but 1x12x10 boards run at $16. In other words, one would be throwing away 5 bucks for every 10ft of lumber used to gain 3/8" in depth.
Please somebody tell me if the sligtly less tall deep hive would create a problem that I don't see. Otherwise, it seems to me that keeping deeps at 9-5/8" cn be thought of as just a scam buy the lumber industry to make us waste 1/3 of the dollars and a strip of almost 2" wide and 10ft long for every 10 feet of lumber that go into making deep hives.
Note: one still needs to buy the foundation, but scisors will take care of the 3/8" at the bottom and you can use the wax for something else.