I'd like to compliment this site (and Barrie's older site)on the equipment plans.Having some spare time,tools and free pallet wood,I completed a few projects these past two years.
box joint jig-works good although a little dificult to set up at first. built a few supers.Nice joints but if I put much value on my time its cheaper to buy.Humble Abodes,Windsor,Me.has a great price and acceptable quality for commercial grade.
solar wax melter-Used 2"foam insulation,large enough for an excluder.Can't wait to try it.
Screened bottom board- Had trouble finding #8 screening but finally found a partial roll.I used 1/2" Arrow staples to attach but I'm unhappy with the results.I plan on building a few more and will cut a groove 1/8"x1/4"deep aprox.1" away from hole and insert a rubber spline to hold screen (similar to an old wooden window sreen or screen door)

Thanks again

I would be interested in hearing other's experiences in constructing their own equipment.I'mthinking of building some nuc boxes next.Anyone with suggestions on sizes please respond.I plan on trying my hand at raising a few queens and 5 frames seems a bit big. Jack