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    Yesterday it was 49 degrees and sunny here and I did my first fogging with FGMO/Thymol on the 5 test hives because they were flying strong and bringing in yellow/green pollen. I did this after a 24 hour sticky board test and only had 3 mites total in the 5 hives. In the control 5 hives there were a total of 68 mites. I did a powdered sugar shake on these hives and got many more mites. The 5 control hives were not flying as strong as the 5 test hives. All hives received a pollen patty and some granulated sugar on the inner cover. Today no bees were flying but the tempature was only 33 degrees at noon and 28 degrees at 3:00Pm.
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    A few bees were flying today at 45 degrees but sure no pollen here yet. Funny how the bees fly at 45 when the sun is shining.
    "Younz" have a great day, I will.

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    Just a reminder that the manufacturer of the Burgess and Black Flag foggers is still offering the "beekeeper's discount" for these products.

    You can take advantage of this offer by mentioning the "beekeeper's discount" when ordering either of the foggers by phone.

    The company is located in New York Mills, NY and can be reached toll free at (800) 311-9903.

    Here's wishing everyone a great season !


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