I've found a local dealer who will sell us National Formulary thymol crystals by the pound, $40 per pound if I can guarantee him a minimum of four buyers. This works out to be a bit less than $10 per hundred grams and is in Tulsa. If it had to be shipped the shipping would be extra.

If you are in the Tulsa area and are interested, email me so that we can work something out. This fellow does not stock thymol regularly, but would if we can show him a market. He says he needs a guaranteed sale of 4 pounds before he is willing to stock it.

If you are outside Tulsa and would need shipping, let me know that too and I'll check on the cost. He'll have it within a week after we guarantee him his initial sale.

PS: The grade Is NF, National Formulary, not nat. standard as in the title.

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