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    Dear Pedro,

    I don't believe the FGMO would be acceptable to the organic beekeeping movement since it is petroleum based product.

    Any thoughts on the efficacy of using a vegetable oil, such as corn oil, as a substitue?

    Thanks for your insight.

    - Butlet2

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    This has been discussed many times. Using vegtable oil in the emoulsion has the possiblilty of the oil getting racid and the fact that it hasn't been tested. Using vegatable oil in the fogger risks fire or worse. I would stay with the FGMO if you want to do this.

    On the other hand some (fatbeeman for one) have used Canola oil on shop towels etc. and their observations are that they have good results.

    I tried the "PAM" spray and the results were a lot of dead bees and a dead queen. I wouldn't recommend it. The particles of oil are far to large and suffocate the bees.

    If you want truly organic, I would do small cell and forgo the oil altogether. Bees don't take vegatable oil in the hive.


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