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Thread: Too Much FGMO?

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    Is it possible to fog my colonies with FGMO too often? Presently I treat my colonies once per week. We are not using emulsion cords right now and wondering if treating 2 to 3 times per week could be beneficial. I know this may not be practical for all, but for the time being it is not a bother for me.

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    It is said within this forum and the "point of view " recommendations that both treatments Fog and Emulsion have to applied for maximum benefit . If anyone seeks results , one should adhere to the recommendations as they were tested and see for oneself the results or not any results .
    If one does apply this FGMO treatment it will not break your bank account as other applications might do . Whatever is applied it labor intensive and we just have to live with it , like it or not . \
    I can recall the days when I never bothered to even look into the colony / hive because I laked the knowledge and just harvested forever . It ain't so any more !Happy beeing


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