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    Yesterday I placed the cords/ emulsion in my hive for the first time. It was amazing to see the bees go after them. Just by the activity there is doubt in my mind that the bees will be highly exposed to the FGMO. I see why this would improve the FGMO and it should be used with fogging treatments. I have used FGMO fog instead of my smoker the last few time I have went into my hive. Smoke the entrance according to the directions and then proceed after about a minute and the bees seem to be calm and only eating honey.

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    I have just started FGMO this spring. Will be doing my second fogging tomorrow and will be stopping on the way to work today to buy my mop head and and old pan from Goodwill Industries to make up the cords with. Looking forward to see my bees reaction to the process.


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