Hi guys.....I have been fogging my hives since early Dec '02 when Pedro was kind enough to supply me with an adapter so I could use my large gas bottles.( Thanks again !)

Veroa mites ist arrived in my district about 6 mths ago and I have been fogging once a week due to heavy reinfestation and have recently increased this to every 4 days or so with the onset of fall.

Well it's now early autum and I gave my hives the "sugar roll" test to check mite numbers using about 200 bees per test/per hive.I really want to go into winter with strong hives and the "distructor" under control.

Hmmmmmmm....So far most of the hives have returned a mite count of between 10 to 30 per test.One test showed a count of 78 per 200 bees!! This was from a split done the day befor with 3 frames of capped brood and 4 of stores.

The mite count seems rather high across the board and I'm starting to feel abit concerned......I'm concidering putting in Apistan strips in an effort to get the numbers down quickly.

The whole veroa thing is still very new to us here and I, for one don't have a yard stick to go by...except y'all.

BTW I'm foging 40 hives to date.

Any thoughts would be apreciated.