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    Dr.P. Rodriguez In the March Issue of Bee Culture on Page 26 Honey Processor Ltd. is advertising a machine to be used with white vinegar for control of veroa and throchel mites. Im using Burgess Propane with FGMO and its the greatest since the invention of the wheel.My question is can the Burgess Fogger be used with vinegor,has anyone ever tried it, what results any information will be appreciated Im just curios Thanks Frank Prasnal

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    My guess is that a vaporizer would be more effective with the vineger. I would also be concerned that the acetic acid would corrode the insides of the metal parts of the fogger.

    I have seen articles about people using acetic acid for varroa, but it was at much higher concentrations than vinegar is. You can buy acetic acid at any shop that has photographic chemicals as stop bath. You have to be careful how you store it especially if it's in glass because it freezes at very moderate temperatures.

    I think the problem with any of the acid treatments (formic, acetic, oxalic etc.) is the dose has to be very close to a lethal does for the bees in order to be very effective on the mites, so precise dosage is quite critical to success.

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    Hello to all.
    I have used the Burgess fogger for FGMO purposes only. I have obtained excellent results with it hence I have not need to test other substances to this date. There will be a modification of the FGMO application procedure starting this year which I will publish as soon as data is developed.
    I have exchanged information with people who have used ascetic acid and their information was not less than candid about their results and required labor. Sorry that I can not respond beyond this point about vinegar.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Rodriguez

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    Hi all
    The vinegar question was already addressed in this forum. ( Don't ask me now where and when)
    It was tried parallel to my first appliation with fgmo in 1999.
    My fogger did not work right and the experiment with vinegar never materialised . The other machine whith a cost of 500 bucks plus an MG set to supply 240 Volts on a pickup truck produced results ( Vaporisation of the medium) but to my mind involved too much labor . The white vinegar used was apparently not correct . Acetic acid proofed very expensive plus the result of commercial application turned out not so well ( Rumors galore about that , but the applicator does not talk ). The machine is since accumulating the outdoor contaminants and he is using FGMO . So, the final analisys is still out there . Applying acid to the fogger is indeed not a very good idea because of the reasons given by the former post.


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