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    Dr. Rodriguez,

    I am brand new to beekeeping, but have been researching the practice for several months. My first three 3# packages of Italians are due March 29 and I want to use FGMO for mite control.

    When should I start weekly 5 second fogging of the newly hived package bees? I want to give them time to "settle in".

    I hope that's not a redundant question, but I have not found that answer in any of the other threads and got zero response over on BEE FORUM, so thanks for your time in answering.


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    Hello Dave and fellow beekeepers.
    This is a most interesting question.
    I am facing the same situation this season since I am ordering packages to start SHB research this season in the Tidewater area of Virginia.
    Honey bee packages are stressed from being clustered in transit hence the least they need is added stress. Fogging may or may not stress them but I am inclined to allow them to get settled for about a week before fogging.
    However, I will place emulsion soaked cords on top of the frames the moment I set up the packages to start mite treatment and prevent the mites from contuining to harass the bees and prevent mites from migrating to brood cells when the queens beging laying.
    In my opinion this will be a prudent course of action providing protection and yet minimizing added stress.
    I will be introducing a new approach in my research procedure this year (to be published as soon as possible) that will modify FGMO present treatment.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Rodriguez


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