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    To Whom it may concern

    Although I have been a member for a short time and my beekeeping experience is limited I feel that the postings of Mr Gomez have done more to create ill will than good.I thought we were all in this together and were willing to help a brother bee person. I don't think Mr Gomez's heart is in the correct location when it comes to helping . I would like to take a bold step and ask that his postings not be allowed unless he can stop slandering people for at least trying to help. He has taken several shots at me but I can consider the source and not be offended by his rantings. Perhaps if Mr G reads this he might like ANOTHER oppourtunity to vindicate his claims instead of running on about a hornets nest that does not exist. I trust that this posting does not offend anyone as I have been offended by Mr G.

    Thank You for your time

    Mike Garitta

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    Good title for this topic...

    My only problem is that I read everything on this list, both the rantings of the informed as well as the uninformed.
    I have been annoyed with the Gomez thread as well as the Creationist thread. Yes I read them, and thought 'what a waste of time'.
    I did not agree with either side most of the time, but I did not throw gas on that fire either. We have the right to speak our opionions in a civilized way. We also have the right to not listen or reply as well.

    I have been amazed with the tenacious way that some of you will not let go.
    Anything that we have charge over that is ignored will eventuly either die or go away.

    GIVE IT UP! Life is too short to be stressed out over B.S.

    Who cares if one person had a bad experence with FGMO? Something wasn't right somewhere and a civil form of communication could not be established. OK, so you tried. Good enough, move on and quit working yourself into too much stress for your own good. There are better topics to utilize your/our time with than inviting the slinging of internet mud.

    However if you persist, I did get a few giggles out of it, so thanks, and, carry on!

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    I follow the FGMO postings with great interest, mainly because I am an advocate. I currently have 8 hives which have been only treated with FGMO and are doing quite well as of last Monday, February 24, 2003.
    It continues to amaze me how many people want to try alternatives to the harsh drugs currently available for the treatment of mites, but are unwilling to follow the outlined procedures for their use. I am specifically talking about Dr. R's detailed directions for the use of Food grade mineral oil.
    What also amazes me is the forums desire to make cutting comments about each other. I am not sure of Mr. Gomez's original intention, but surely we have enabled him to continue in this manner by giving him oppotunities that shouldnt have been. There will always be persons for and against any given treatment. But I believe that "the proof is in the pudding."
    Dr. R continues to document and outline every detail as to provide all that we should need to be reassured. I do not try anything without thorough research and I believe that we have been provided with ample information and data to suggest that FGMO is a valid treatment for Varroa and Tracheal mites. Have you ever seen as much information on products such as Apistan or Checkmite? How many of us have blindly used these products because they were offered in a beekeeping catalog and we were told that they were successful treatments? I dont recall any discussion groups pondering the values of the chemical companies "magic pills". I lost a few of my hives 2 years ago due to mites, even though I treated with Apistan. Does this mean that the maker of these strips is liable for the death of my bees, or could there be other circumstances involved?
    This forum is dedicated to helping each other. I have seen this time after time and have been helped myself by the postings of others.
    I visited a bulletin board the other day and saw an add on how to turn $6 into $6000. Arent you glad we dont have to deal with that kind of stuff???
    Let's keep to the task and not get sidetracked by questionable postings.
    Thanks Dr. Rodriguez for all of your hard work.


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    Mike: Just consider the source, pick and choose the info you want out of these posts. Don't take anything that personally. I hate to consider cutting off anyone unless it is really offensive to all.

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    I agree with Kurt Bower. I'm just getting started, but due to reading these posts I'm going to use the FGMO/SBB method of mite control just as Dr. R has recommended. Again, Thank You, Dr. Rodriguez for your dedication and hard work.



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