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    Saturday it was around 55 so I fired up the new fogger and fogged for the first time. It took a while to get the fogger to light. I'm hoping that now that it has been fired up it will light much easier. It seemed to have a simular effect as with smoking the hive. I was going to make up some cords and put them in Sunday but we woke up to several inches of snow and forcast for the rest of the week is not any better. Well hopefully this is the last week of winter...?

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    Hello fellow beekeepers with a special welcome hand to beekeeper28.
    Yes, by all means, please remember that test trials have demonstrated that emulsion soaked cords and fogging are complementary and so far have proved to provide the most efficient protection to test hives.
    Good luck to all of you and my very best.
    Dr. Rodriguez

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    Beekeeper 28
    Greetings and welcome !
    What you encountered is not a new feature .
    Some of those are notorious . You have done nothing wrong . Make sure the nozzle at the very output of the fog is not clogged with something or another . After many uses there is a tendency to accumulate carbon which obstructs the hole and can cause problems with pumping , consequently filling the coil with too much oil .
    An acetylene welding tip cleaning tool is perfect to clean the orifice .
    Should you have problems with the lighting and maintainng the burner , send it back to the supplier and demand replacement .
    If so desired , get in touch with me via e mail
    Happy beeing

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    Big Grin

    I did my first fogging yesterday and so far so good...
    I mean I did not see any adverse effect on the bees that look quite happy today. However... was I suppose to see any positive effect at all? I mean, would you see a few dead mites on the bottom board trays (I do have screened BB, with the unoiled trays still in place, which I'm planning on removing pretty soon). I actually saw, in a some of the hives, between zero and three live mites, wiggling their legs.



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