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Thread: Sorry Mr Gomez

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    Dear Mr Gomez
    As you know this is MAGGIEBEE. As far as me being new I think I am as intelligent as anyone out there It is plain to see that hot air is abundant in your country and that the facts are still lacking. I am trying
    to be a gentleman here but I still get the same zero response. Do you think that because you have raised bees longer than I have that you know more than I?? It seems that all your forum disserttations are a waste of time and totally repetative.You mock everyone that asks you a question or two. I assume that is because you lack the knowledge to respond properly. I trust this note will be allowed because I would like to state at this time that I will refuse all future notes from you regarding anything and I certainly will never contact you again. Please have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike Garitta

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    I read your past posts and You did nothing to invite adverse comments to your writs .You will find that occasionally some lurker comes forward with off the wall statements and not either trying to understand the issues not willing to or is just excersizing confrontation.
    Another thing to remember is that there are Beehavers and those which do the effort to learn and become bee keepers . The time frame of this craft has nothing to do with it. One either learns and be "AT-ONE" with natures creatures or one thinks one is superior .
    Happy beeing


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