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    Dr R
    I have read ALMOST everything I could find (re:FGMO) and still I have questions. After the welt cord is soaked in the emulsion can it be stored for any length of time. In other words can I make up 50 saturated cords and store then in zip-lock bags for future use??.Also if I mix a large batch of emulsion how long can I store it before spoilage?? Can it be frozen or kept cold for preservation??
    I am really excited. Just ordered my FIrst two nucs for spring. The hives are built and the stand is up and cleared. The wait is almost unbearable.

    Mike Garitta

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    I use waxed paper to store my cords in. It's easier to get into and also it doesn't stick to the wax paper. I only put 10-15 cords in a sheet and then just twist the ends and that way I don't have to open it all up to get what I need.


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    After I make my emulsion in a baking pan, I put my cords in and let them soak. Then I dump it all into a plastic container that has a lid. When I go to my hives I take the container aaand a pair of tongs. I just pull what I need out of the container and close it back up. I have some soaked cords from the fall still in the container and I'm sure they will be fine in the spring. I save the cords I remove from the hives and use them in my smoker. It's absolutely the best smoker fuel I have found.


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