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Thread: FGMO usage

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    Hi everyone
    I am so new at this that my hives were just built but I am interested in the FGMO process.I have two questions to ask. How much fog is too much and how much emulsion soaked cord should be put in each hive? I fully intend to give this a go and am anxious to try it.
    Mike G

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    Hello Mike and beelovers.
    Before replying to Mike's questions, I would like to point out again that there is a wealth of information on this subject in the archives. Just about every questions that is asked me has been answered before. It has gotten to be that I spend just about all day long between the phone and replying to e-mails about FGMO.
    Hey!, I am charmed! I do not regret it. Matter of fact, I welcome it. I just wish that writers would search the archives before asking questions that have been answered previously.
    Now to Mike's questions:
    How much fog? Apply a continuous flow of fog directly into the entrance of the hive during five seconds, or may be even a little longer if hives are large (as in picture in ABJ article).
    You may want to crack the top lid and wait to see fog coming out of the top, especially during the summer months when foraging bees might be bringing in mites from hives that they have robbed.
    How many cords per hive? From two (one meter cords) to four depending on the size of the hive. Two on top of the brood chamber and two on honey supers.
    Happy beekeeping with FGMO.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Rodriguez

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    Hello Pedro -

    I'll be posting your latest article in ABJ on your web page soon.



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