Hi guys,I have enjoyed the info posted on this site and decided to say G'Day.

About 2 yrs ago when Veroa was imported into this country, bee keepers in my area were told it would take about 5 yrs before it would reach us here in the far north.
Well it's arrived 3 yrs ahead of schedual and it's just down the road.(about 5kms)
I have read as much as I could find by Dr. Pedro Rodriguez and I have decided to use FGMO as my treatment of choice.

My Burgess Fogger had to be imported from the States and it arrived the other day,I have located a good supply of cotton cord and have 4 ltrs of pharmaceutical grade white oil (parafin oil) with a density of .83 in the shed.

My biggest problem is locating the tall 14.1 oz gas cartridge to fit the fogger.All that's available in NZ are the shorter 16 oz lantern cartridges.This size is not recommended by Burgess.

Can you use these shorter cylinders?.
Is there any other sucessful way of powering the fogger? An LPG (propane) barbecue cylinder could be possiblity, what do youu think?
I beleave the fogger has a Coleman fitting,but I could be wrong..

With out a source of propane my fogger will be unusable and the veroa will have their way in my hives........aarrrrggggggg!

I'm in real need of solid advice and hope one of you experienced in FGMO and fogging can steer me in the right dirrection.

Thanks in advance......


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