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    Would there be any benefit to fogging more often? I do use the cords with emulsion and change them out 2 times a month. When fogging with the Burgess fogger approx how many times do you pull the trigger for the pump on each hive?

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    Hi folks.
    The cords and the fogger have proven to be mostg effective when used together. If the cords are removed twice a month, they can be re-used with great economic advantage to the user.
    Fogging usuallly takes about 4 to 5 seconds per hive depending on the size of the colony.
    A bit more of fog does not affect adversely the results, I tend to think that it is better to have more than to have less.
    Good luck and keep up with non chemical mite treatments to keep our hives and environment pesticide free.
    Dr. Rodriguez


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