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    First question is on identification of mites. I have screened bottom boards and have inserted a sticky board under it to ck for mites. What I find is very small and brown, smooth on top with little legs on the bottom. I presume these are Varroa mites as some were still moving their legs while stuck to the board. After fogging with FGMO I inserted the sticky board and left it for 24hrs. I counted 20 of these little brown creatures. What shape would that put my hive at?

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    Hello to all.
    Yes, I would be willing to think along with you that what you are describing could be Varroa mites.
    From what you describe, the count could be attributed to a medium to higher size infestation. I would like to advise you to prepare the emulsion and insert the cords to give you continuous FGMO presence in the hive. You will notice the mite count to go down as time goes on. And yes, please do fogging and emulsion cording every two weeks as long as the weather permits. Then cords for the winter.
    Thanks for your comments. I do appreciate you sharing with us.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Rodriguez


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