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Thread: Used Cords

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    I've used the cords I've removed from the hive in my smoker. They seem to work great and stay lit for a long time. Anyone see any downside to this?

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    Hello to all.
    No, there is no down side to burning your used cords in the smoker. Actually, I used to do it at the beginning, but then I discovered that I could re-use them, put them into the emulsion again. This is provided that they have not been allowed to be propolized. If they are propolized, they will not take up the emulsion well, and of course burning them in the smoker would be a good use for them.
    Putting them back into the emulsion vat and re-using them makes the operation more profitable, less expensive.
    Go for it.
    Best rfegards.
    Dr. Rodriguez


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