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    Here in central North Carolina we are seeing more and more of the small hive beetle. While I currently do not have any infestation, I have no doubt that it will soon be a problem. It may be a few months or a few years.
    Is there any information available to indicate the control that FGMO might give in regards to the SHB? Could this be a potential control for SHB and its larvae?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello folks.
    I have not had experience of any kind with SHB's. I wish that I could say that FGMO could be a potential cure for SHB's or their larvae. My work with bee bites is based on the size differential of their respiratory sysems. It kills mites because it cloggs their respiatory system while it does not affect honey bees because their spiracles are larger. In my humble opinion, I think that based on that factor, it would not affect SHB's.
    It is worth while trying and I am surfe that come the need for it, someone will try it.
    Best regards.
    Dr. Rodriguez

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    I have been useing natural oils and honey mixed together for over 5yrs had very good luck=no mites
    wintergreen and honey do work also canola oil and honey work on the mites.


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