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    I am reposting this question because no one seems to have an opinion on this and I find that hard to believe.

    "I am still building my screen bottom boards(as well as my new house, so you can see why I am a little behind), but I am all set up to use the FGMO fogging system. Is it worth using the fogger without the screen bottom boards in place? I understand that if the mites drop off the can climb back on the next bee that walks by, but if this could also works for T. mites than I don't have anything to lose. If the mineral oil actually kills the V. mites then obviously the screen bottom board is not a nessesity(sp). Just looking for some advice. Thanks in advance. David"

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    Hello David and all.
    Yes, FGMO is effective against both mites, Acarapis and Varroa.
    Must remember that I have found that use of the fog and emulsion soaked cords are complementary, work best when both are used simultaneously.
    Yes, the use of screened bottom boards is recommended! I keep seen the little "critters" scurrying around on the liner below the screened bottom board after they have fallen off with the oil. They will climb back on the bees readily, and who knows, may even have a chance to penetrate the cells with larvae and deposit their eggs before they die. Integrated pest management is a good practice, especially with FGMO. Go for it and good luck.


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