Hello all,

I just got a reply from American Bee Jurnal. I had sent a e-mail about my success using FGMO and asking why they have never wrote anything on FGMO.

They replied:

"The research of FGMO effectiveness is still inconclusive. Therefore, we have not recommended to beekeepers that it is an effective mite control. Researchers have not been able to duplicate Dr. Rodriguez's success in using FGMO to control mites. If it is working well to control mites in your colonies, that's great because it is not toxic to bees or man! It is a natural, biological mite control method. Best of luck with your colonies."


Mabe someone has more to add to this...but I have had good results from FGMO. As far as weather or not the research has been duplicated?... I have never read of any researchers trying. Somebody, help me! Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.


Billy Bob