Hello folks.
In an effort to provide information on availability and sources of FGMO I am providing/updating data on my most recent
research on the subject. In one of my recent
postings I listed Ste Oil Co as another source of FGMO. At the time I did not have quality specifications and deferred that explanation until such date when these were available to me. Due to lack of space I will quote the most basic critical data. Any one interested in a complete spectrum of data beyond that reflected here, please write to me and or to Ste Oil Company Inc., P. O. Box 1033, San Marcos, TX 78667 Tel. 512-396-3399.
The following is an extract of literature provided to me by the company.
"Crystal Plus Oil 70
Regulatory Information
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) Title III.
Hazard Categories: None Known to Apply.
This product is suitable foe use as an "H1" Lubricant in USDA Food Processing Plants. I does not contain any of the chemicals which are reportable under SARA Section 313 or 40 CFR 372.
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA):
All components of this product are listed on the TSCA inventory.
Comprehenisve Environmnetal Response, Compensation and LKiability Act (CERCLA).
No chemiclas in this product are listed on the TSCA inventory.
California Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986-Proposition 65
Based on information currently available, this product is not known to contain any chemical currently listed as carcinogens or reproductive toxins under California proposition 65 at levels which owuld be subject to the proposition . . ."
I consider these characteristics to be very significant since I have always insisted on utilizing not only USDA approved mineral oil but also the type that does not violate any federal or state statutes, and most importantly, one that is not toxic nor contaminant of bee products, the hive or the environment.
I have been informed that Ste Oil Company has distribution outlets throughout the United States and Internationally (Agra Worldwide LLC) and a wide variety of containers. I am told that quantities of the
Burgess Portable Propane Insect Fogger are available at most hardware outlets (I get
mine's from Lowe's) at very reasonable prices.
I suspect that FGMO will be very much in demand when the Universities performing comparative studies with FGMO release their findings, hence my efforts to provide this information at this time.
Best regards.
Dr. Rodriguez