Hello folks.
I posted this topic last night but somehow it did not make it to the BB. My sincere apologies. As you may have noticed, I have not posted lately on the BB. It is not due to lack of subject data, but rather due to my hectic schedule.
FGMO trials continue to abound world-wide with excellent results, especially with the new home=made emulsion. I have been informed that several universities from various countries are/will conduct comparison studies with FGMO. This is a very much welcomed development since it will lend credibility to my work.
I have located another source of FGMO, and the address and phone number are listed below for those who may want to contact them.

P. O. Box 1033
San Marcos, TX 78667
Phone Number: 512-396-3399

web site: www.steoil.com
purchases: sales@steoilcom
Questions: lisa@steoil.com

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case that any one may have more questions regarding FGMO.
Best regards.
Dr. Rodriguez