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    Hello Pedro and all -

    I've posted some new photos of Welt cords being used in the hive as per your instructions. You can find them from a link on this page:



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    Hi to all
    I neglected to report the survival rate.
    Out of 19 colonies I lost 5.
    Reason : One in oct 99 due to robbing ( No treatment with fgmo that year !!!.
    2000 : two colonies due to swarms and no queen supercedure nor requeening. Excessive drone population. These colonies were not always under my observation.Have dispersed themselves into other colonies.
    Two colonies in spring due to Nosema, which was rampant this spring around these parts, although Fumidil was applied in fall 99.
    No adverse effect was noted from the application of fogging with FGMO.
    It might be of benefit to use a small fan ( Battery operated ) on the inner,cover hole to to suck the fumes up through hive when fogging.
    The normal mite drop off during the season was VERY minimal , like from zero to 10 max at every check of the bottom drawer. Some mites were found in drone brood only.

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