Hello folks.
Please accept my apologies for my absence from this BB. I have been in Spain visiting family, friends, some beekeepers and getting some colonies established there also.
Before posting my latest findings with fgmo and other related matters, I would like to announce that I will be posting in English and Spanish in this section. I understand that there are a lot of Spanish speaking folks that visit this page but end up short because they are not fluent in the English language. For those of you who may wish to read my comments in Spanish, please scroll down.
1. Findings: I have inspected my hives located at two different sites twice this year (May and June) and we have found that there are no mites, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. Needless to say, for the benefit of those who may be visiting this page recently, my associates and I have not used anything but fgmo, Drakeol 35 in mist form (fog) and welt upholstery cords soaked in 40% mineral oil/sugar emulsion for the last five years plus. We continue to "fog" the hives twice a month and replace the cords once a month. The combination of both types of applications has yielded the best results for us. Any one of the two applications might be equally satisfactory for those who do not use both. I like to apply both forms simultaneously because that is the formula which has given us the best results.
2. Drakeol 35 (40%) mineral oil/sugar emulsion. PLEASE, use mineral oils with similar density as that of Drakeol 35. Oils with heavier densities may be toxic and cause death of bees in the same manner as it kills the mites, by asphyxia; plugging the respiratory system of the bees.
3. Fogger. PLEASE do not allow the oil to burn! The mist coming out of the end of the
fogger nozzle should ALWAYS be white. If it is blue, it means that the oil is burning and you are in essence getting smoke. For this treatment to be effective, the exhaust at the end of the nozzle must be a fine oil mist that will block the respiratory system of the mites. But don't fear, it is not difficult to control the emission of the fogger. It is a rather simple machine to operate. Just squeeze the trigger often enough to produce a white column of mist but not enough to allow the oil to spurt. Also, please make sure that you do not tilt the nozzle down. If you do, the oil will flow too thick into the burner and the burner will burst into flames. Keep the nozzle straight.
Welt cord.
I obtain the welt cord from upholstery suppliers. The diameter of the cord is 5/32" welt upholstery cord. (The cord is made of rolled paper with an outer synthetic mesh
that the bees chew with relative ease and remove in about a month time). I suppose that other cordage of similar qualities will work as well but since I have only worked with the cord described above, I can only speak about that type.
I have been informed by Penreco (my mineral oil and emulsion provider) that
any one interested in purchasing fgmo/sugar emulsion may contact Mr. R M Stevenson at 248-474-7878 (and Drakeol 35, of course).
During my most recent visit to Spain, I learned about a possible way of producing the emulsion at home. I will be testing the procedure soon and post the results on this BB. Should it work as well as it promises, anyone should be able to produce his/hers own emulsion with relative ease and very economically. As you can see, I am still very much involved with fgmo attempting to find easier and more economic means to combat bee mites.
Best wishes.
PS: I updated my browser to a modern version and lost my e-mail address book. Please write to me in order that I may recover your addresses.
En espa~nol

Hemos revisado nuestras colmenas localizadas en dos sitios diferentes, dos veces este a~no (mayo y junio) y no hemos encontrado acaros, completamente libres, ZERO, NADA. Para el beneficio de aquellos que hayan empezado a visitar esta pagina, en mis colmenas no se ha utilizado ninguna otra substancia aparte del fgmo en forma de gas o en emulsion. Continuamos aplicando fgmo con el gasificador dos veces al mes y la vaselina al 40% emulsion con azucar una vez al mes.
Prefiero utilizar ambas formas de la vaselina ya que esta es la forma que nos ha dado tan buenos resultados.

Vaslina liquida (Drakeol 35 =fgmo).
Favor de utilizar vaselina liquida con desidad similar a la de Drakeol 35.
Otros tipos de vaselina pueden ser toxicos para las abejas resultando en muerte de las abejas en la misma forma en que mueren los acaros, por asfixia, cuando se le ocluyen las vias respiratorias.
Por favor, no permitan que se queme. La emision del gasificador debe ser siempre blanca. Si la emision es azul, significa que la vaselina se esta quemando y en efecto lo que emana es humo y no vaselina como deberia ser para bloquear el sistema respiratorio de los acaros. El gasificador es un aparato facil de manejar. Mantenga el dosificador del fasificador nivelado y presione el gatillo con delicadeza obteniendo un flujo constante. Si presiona el gatillo demasiado, la vaselina sera disparada a chorros. Evite inclinar hacia abajo el gasificador para evitar que la vaselina penetre el quemador en exceso lo que ocasionara que la vaselina se incendie en vez de salir en forma de gas.
Cuerda de Welt.
Obtengo la cuerda de los suplidores de materiales de remodelar muebles. La cuerda es de un diametro de 5/32" y esta hecha de papel con una fina maya sintetica por fuera. Supongo que cualquiera otro tipo de cuerda de iguales cualidades deberia funcional al igual que esta, pero yo no he utilizado ninguna otra, por lo tanto solo puedo hablar de los resultados que esta nos ha proporcionado.
He estado hablando con Penreco, los que me suplen fgmo y me han informado que el Sr. R M Stevenson ( tel. 248-474-7878) ha propuesto fabricar la emulsion para aquellos que puedan estar interesados. Por supuesto que el tambien es distribuidor de fgmo.
Duante mi reciente visita a Espa~na, un apicultor me indico una posible forma casera de preparar la emulsion fgmo/azucar. De resultar tan eficaz y economica como lo promete, lo reportare pronto en esta pagina. Como ven, continuo buscando formas economicas y efectivas para combatir los acaros de las abejas.

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Un abrazo.