Hello to all
After digging into the intestines of the net , I finally found a reliable source of the Famous BURGESS Fogging device.
The manufacturer : Burgess Products , Inc.
23 T Garden Street
New York/ Ny 13417
Tel 315 736 0037 ( No 800 Number nor e- mail , cheap outfit)
Fax 315 768 4220
BUT there is where the buck stops, unless you have an "Account". Fat chance for the ordinary creature like most of us.
However, If you get in touch with Lowe ( unknown to me) Home Depot
or at an ACE hardware store you might find it there or it has to be ordered by them.
Here is the tech poop : AT "ACE" Hardware !
In their Cataloge of 1/07/2000 Page 302 you find Two foggers. One is electric and requires a cord not longer than 50 feet ( 900 Watt )
The number is # 70703
The other is the one for propane whereby the small bottle is screwed into the device such one does with a camp stove.
The number is 7025
Both are for outdoor use only.
The cost here is $ 62.99 ( I like that .99 stuff)with the tax here it creeps up to 67.97
That's it . You have to do your own research to get it from Home Depot.
or <Lowe ( ? )>
Happy beeing
P S For out of country seekers , you may get in touch with Burgess to get an out of country distributor.