Dr Rodriquez,
I finally located and purchased a fogger. It is a Burgess product model 1443. I used it yesterday. I had a little trouble with pumping too much oil and it wanted to spit and sputter a bit and the burner went out. However, I did manage to apply the fog at the entrances of all my hives for approx 5 sec as you directed in previous postings. I have a couple of questions however. After I finished fogging I noticed bees boiling out of the entrance and some fighing going on. I was concerned about this. However I waited until today to check on things. I opened two of my hives ( I had to work them anyhow to get ready to graft and it seemed that the bees were none the worse for the experience. The queen was still there and everything appeared normal. The bees were quite calm actually. My question is I guess, is it normal for the aboved mentioned occurrences? Also, I did put a sheet of wax paper in one hive for a mite count. I took it out this morning and will look at it at work where I have access to a magnifying lense that has a florescent light in it. I will post the results on the count. Thanks agian for your work. I believe that it does work quite well.


DBAK (Dave)