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    Hi Pedro -

    I did some checking around today for the upholstery cord. I checked with a local shop and found there to be several different cord options. The cording he stocked was about 3/8" dia. and had a tissue core with some kind of nylon webbing around it. He looked in his supply catalog and found the cord to also be available in cotton.

    I then went to a local fabric store (Hancock Fabrics) and found that they stock the cotton cording made by Conso Products Co. ( I noticed that you didn't mention in any detail, the size and material type of cording you used in your last report. Can you please shed some light on this?


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    Dr. Pedro P. Rodriguez Guest


    I may have mentioned in my discussions elsewhere about having used a cord about the size of a pencil in diameter. I had several options as to the type of cord to use. I
    opted for the cotton type thinking that it
    would be easier for the bees to remove.
    I observed that the bees removed the cord
    fairly fast (by the end of the month it was gone in most hives). I will post more information on the subject if I find other
    types. I will try to find the exact nomen-
    clature of the cord next time that I talk to
    the person who sold it to me.

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    What you're describing sounds like venetian blind cord to me. I didn't see the article referred to here but I have used it alot for other misc chores and is a very versitile cord.

    Jimmy Caldwell


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