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    Hello All,

    Could anyone recommend what digital photography equipment would be good for close up videos of bees? Or a supplier that I can contact and ask questions? I will be attempting to film bees grooming mites off, and I require close up and clarity.

    Oh yea, did I mention not too expensive either. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Any tips how I can sneak the purchase past my wife, or justify it appreciated also. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    The go-to guy on this issue would be Zach Huang
    at Michigan State.

    The basic problem here is that most of the
    pocket-sized and/or less-than $800 cameras
    have a lag between the time one presses the
    button, and the time that the shutter "clicks".

    Often, the bee moves out of the frame before
    the photo is taken due to this problem.

    But, even with a "budget" camera, one can
    reduce the impact of this artifact. First,
    turn off the flash. Second, press the shutter
    button down halfway (on most cameras) to get
    a focus lock, so that the camera does not
    spend time doing any auto-focus fiddling.

    Some cameras will shoot multiple photos in
    rapid sequence, and only the first is delayed
    by the "overhead" that delays the shutter,
    after that, one has a predictable interval
    between images. So shoot ahead of the bee.

    I plan on buying the Olympus Stylus 720 SW,
    unique for being a camera that is designed
    to survive being dropped and getting wet.
    It may not be a Hasselblad, but it is the
    best camera that I can carry around without
    worrying about the fact that I am carrying
    a camera.

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    Joe--Valentine day is coming pretty fast--get her a camera!
    "Younz" have a great day, I will.

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    Canon has a nice digital video camera that
    is new on the scene. They make great equipment
    and this should follow in that vein.

    I got my wife a Canon XT 350D for xmas and
    I really like what it does. It take 3 shots
    per second at 8.2 megabytes resolution.
    Closing in on retirement.......


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