We have been going through this house for years fixing replacing etc. Now I am ripping up more ugly carpet.

This time it is red. I yank it up and the pad is become one with the hardwood oak floor. The other carpets I tore up the pad was mostly dust and the netting stapled to the floor.

How do I get this crap off my floor? I tried using my little sander with the heaviest grit to test. Didn't do much. I tried paint thinner, pinesol - I haven't tried my super duper stripper stuff yet. I like to save it for the 7 coats of paint on the woodwork. I have a heat gun stripper, but I am afraid it might catch and burn. The oak floor looks pretty decent.

I have hand scraped about 1/3 of the room. I still have 2/3 of this ugly carpet to remove - plus another area.

Any suggestions? This is a 100 yr old house.