I know that many people who keep bees live in rural areas with no cable/DSL/wireless internet access.

Where I live, in Duplin County, NC the dial up connects about 19-20KBPS and is very slow but cost only $6.50/month. My house is wired with CAT-5 cable (both phone and ethernet). The limiting factor is NOT my house phone wiring. So, I have a 1-way satellite. I get downloads of about 75KBPS although most ads state 100-400 KBPS. My mother lives in town and has cable internet. Her download speeds are about 300 KBPS.

My satellite fee is about $42 per month for unlimited access. I see others advertising 100MB download limit at 400 KBPS for $30 + $0.17 per MB for the downloads over 100MB.
My signal strength is 74% in the Summer and 80% in the Winter (due to leaf drop from trees).

Does anyone have any experience with a cheaper/faster solution?