There are two kinds of people. People who love buttermilk and that hate it. I happen to think buttermilk is wonderful. When we were kids a half gallon of buttermilk would disappear in about 10 minutes at our house. Buttermilk is good with pickles {new find}, beans and cornbread, barbq tater chips, and just plain good drinking. It helps me go to sleep after a 3 am. service call. It fills you up and satifys when on a diet. Borden regular butter milk is about 2 percent butterfat. Its good for making salad dressings and dips. I find after a sweat drenching 12 hour day working in the Texas coastal heat and humidity, buttermilk hits the spot. 5 years ago we had a long drawn out job for ADM and I happened upon a great cooldown combo. First drink one quart gatorade next drink one quart of LONESTAR beer and finish off with one quart BORDENS COUNTRY STORE Buttermilk. This along with a bag of chips will rehydrate you after a hot one!! We do not have the higher quality milk products of some other parts of the country but in TEXAS Borden brand buttermilk is the best that I have ever found. It will last months past its exp. date; some say because it is rotten to start with. Buttermilk is also a must for making biscuits and cornbread. What is your favorite buttermilk in your area of the country.