Everyone recall the man hanging himself in a room with nothing but a puddle of water under him puzzle? Well I have one that I need serious help on.

I'll try to leave out the fluff, but if you are interested in greater detail, let me know.

Last night I put 3 young turkeys with a mass of a bit larger than a softball, weighing just over a pound, in a rabbit style cage. This cage has a consistent, unflawed grid of 1/2" x 1" squares, Cage itself measures 18”x36”. Cage door is a pressure latch that might possibly be opened by an animal, but definitely could not be re-latched.

This cage is sitting right next to a chicken coupe that is fully enclosed and has 18 full-grown chickens in it. The coupe wire is 2" squares, but the bottom is not secure, meaning something as large as a small dog could squeeze under. There are also 6 full-grown barnyard ducks roaming free that appear unperturbed.

Something killed all 3 turkeys, inside the cage, and did not bother the chickens. 1 turkey was simply eviscerated, another completely cleaned and only the carcass left in the cage, the 3rd completely removed. Outside the cage there is not one feather indicating which side of the cage the bird was even pulled through or where it was taken.

This is the second set of 3 in as many nights I have lost. At $7.00 a pullet, I’m a little concerned. I don’t think a fox would have the reach necessary to do the damage done, a bobcat might, but the cage was not moved one inch. You would think that kind of carnage would cause the cage to be displaced.