I have a large maple tree directly behind my house about 10 feet off my deck. Two years ago , one of the forks of the tree came off during a storm. A few days ago the other fork split off and thankfully it too fell into the ravine below the house. Now what's left is this big trunk with only 7 smaller branches. By all appearances the tree is,was healthy(leaves on all branches)
I'm not sure what to do with this tree.Not having a top, will it die--it definitely will be exposed to disease, I know. Should I get someone to cut it down, than let the Amish make some wood for potential kitchen cupboards,with the hopes that I may one day be able to build a new kitchen? Should I sell the wood to them? If I have it cut up for cabinets can I wait to retrieve the logs till this fall?
I also thought about making a bench ,like I've seen at some parks, and placing it near the apiary.
I appreciate any input. Maybe you all can give me some tips or pointers and help me think this through a little better.