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    Hello guys -

    I'm starting my quest for a boat to go fishing with. I've been to Sturgeon Lake, Ontario (near Savant Lake) several times with my Grandfather over the years and now my son keeps talking about going to Canada to fish. I'm looking for a decent boat without going over board.

    I've always admired Lund boats and have been looking at their 18SSV with a Pike console.

    I'd like one that seats 4 people well and I'm not sure what length is best to consider. Anyone care to share their boating expertise with me?


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    Hello Barry:
    If you can't find a Lunn then try a Boston Whaler even used its a very stable boat in the 14ft to 18ft range. I would look for the a used one as a new one would be an arm and a leg and your first born if you know what I mean. This will get you to your old spots in any lake since its draft is better than most and you even can take it out in Lake Michigan. You won't go wrong with a Mecurey Marine out board either but by it new if you can.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Harvey G.

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    If your going to get an outboard motor I would recommend getting one of the new 4 stroke models. More money but less noise, less pollution, and you won't be stuck with something you can't get rid of after 2006.


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