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    Some of my colonies have replaced their queens this spring due to swarming or splits and I have a question about the color of the new queens and what that may indicate as far as strains.

    The mother queens of these colonies were last years swarms and were the golden colored, Italian type...they looked very similar to my Minn Hygenic queens. The new queens are a completely different shade.... the abdomens are darker, kind of a deep carmel or bronze color and they have the dark thorax.

    I know it may be impossible to "guess" what strain this could represent, but I'll be open to anyone with experience with a variety of queens to take a stab at it.

    It doesn't really matter what their genetic background may be as long as they perform, but I am curious just the same.

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    Could be anything. Italian drones are the most common, and not inconsistant with what you describe.

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    The feral survivors I keep seeing in recent years are black. They could be mating with these.
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    --the abdomens are darker, kind of a deep carmel or bronze color and they have the dark thorax.

    I would also say it could be consistent with Italian type, depending on how deep a bronze you are talking.
    The ‘wild type Italians’ as the are commonly called that are found around my area are much different than the commercial type..

    I see a propensity for very dark queens to turn up now and then. But these I believe are from commercial Caucasians that are known to be kept in the area. Often, severe aggressiveness occasionally accompanies these dark bees when they do show up in my hives I usually need to requeen them.

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