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    Some Time you stumble upon things with out trying.One Spring I was Feeding my hives With the plastic inside feeders that take the place of a frame. Didnt have enought feeders so i just feed 1/2 of the hives in each yard at one visit the next visit i would swap the feeder around to the other hives and feed leaving the space empty until next week end during this time the wild plumb trees started to bloom weather was great on opening the single brood box hives i got a big surprise The hives with missing feeders were fill with snow white combs DRONES with lots and lots of eggs. So i learned from this now i will put a shallow frame in a full deep.. down in the brood box.In the Spring time... At the bottom of the frame they will build a strip of Drone comb and The Queen will lay it full of Drones. Usally the Queen wont lay it all in one or two days but generaly they will 3 or 4 Stages so dont count on them being all of one age may very over 3-4 days even a week before all are hatched # 1 If hive is on say 6-7 Frames place the shallow frame you have color coded the top bar for ID..Place it next to the last frame of worker Brood on the inside of the pollen frame # 2 Place this in position about 2 Weeks before you need the Queen to Begin to lay in it. Feed if necessary # 3 This seems to work better in a single Brood where the can only expand side ways

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    That or a simple empty frame in the middle of the brood nest. If you let them they will build some drone. Then, when they have enough, they won't.
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