The Allen County Beekeepers Association will host it's 2d Annual Beekeeping School, on Saturday 4 February 2006 at the LD Brown Agricultural Center, WKU Farm, in Bowling Green KY. Doors will open at 08:30 for registration and classes will begin at 09:30. Cost is $6.00. Lunch will be available thru the Ag Center Concession Area. (There will be a horse show running concurrently in the arena). There will be three concurrent class tracks. Guest speakers will include Dr. Tom Webster, Dr. Randolph Richards, Dr. Tammy Horn, Robin Mountain, Phil Craft, Kent Williams, Gerald Burchett and other experienced beekeepers. For more information, please contact Martin Hickey, President of the Allen County Beekeepers Association at 270-846-1702 or Queenannsrevenge2002@Yahoo.Com or see the association's website at


Surviving the Small Hive Beetle - Gerald Burchett

KY State Fair - The Honey Competion - Phil Craft

A History of Beekeeping in America - Dr. Tammy Horn

Planting for Honey Production - Carol Le Favor

AFB & EFB Up Close & Personal - Steve Meador

Splits, Nucs & Divides - Choosing the Best Colony - Robin Mountain

Pollination Service - Harris Overholt

Swarm Removal - Barry Richards

Comb Honey Production - Dr. Randolph Richards

Grafting - Gordon Vernon

Verroa Destructor - Research & a Look Ahead - Dr. Tom Webster

Varieties of Apis Mellifera Mellifera - Kent Williams

Please share this information with your fellow beekeepers, Association and anyone who may have an interest in learning about beekeeping.

Thanks and hope to see you all again in February - Martin