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    I had the privilege of meeting another Beesource beekeeper this morning, Little John from Wadesboro, NC. High quality guy and very helpful to starter pups like me.

    John thanks again for the queen cells the loan of your book and sharing your queen rearing knowledge with me. I appreciate your help a lot.

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    Sorry I didnt reply sooner I just saw this post.
    I had a great time with you out on the farm. You sure got the bees building up. Your going to have a good year. I think your going to need more supers !!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Your more than welcome and anytime you need me just call.

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    Kewl Deal buddy and thanks again

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    John, about the note you sent me last night while on chat, I wanted to go to that link, but did not want to loose the chat window and by the time I got off chat, the link disappeared.
    Sorry, I'd like to try that sometime soon.


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