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    I was wondering how one would practice grafting in the winter time. I know it would not be with real or alive larvea but I was wondering if there was a method so I could practice
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    If you can get your hands on a copy of Breeding Super Bees by Steve Taber. There a Chapter on queen rearing in the winter, Good book .

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    Hey Little John"
    Steve Taber has a web sight at

    I really like this statement he made about some of there bees.

    Last fall, the USDA released its new import which was found near the coast of Eastern Russia on the Primorski Penninsula. In this region, Varroa mites have been parasitizing Honey Bees for almost 100 years. The use of chemicals has not been available to control this mite, so the resulting bees have developed a natural resistance. This stock is also a gentle and productive Carniolan bee which will please commercial beekeepers because of the excellent honey production. Our Russian queens are mated to "Yugo" Carniolan drones for a pure Carniolan bee with excellent combining characteristics.

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    'Breeding Super Bees' by Steve Tabor has been showing up regularly on ebay lately and I think there is one posted there now. (I picked one up there a few months ago.)


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    Thanks Tim
    I had been looking all over the net.Seems its out of print. Hard book to find.


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