I was checking a suddenly weak hive yesterday and found the queen in the honey super with an egg attached that she was dragging around. Very spotty brood through out the hive, almost like she was able to lay in a few spots and missed dozens of polished cells. We watched as she backed into a cell and a few moments later exited with probably the same egg attached to her. I had never seen this before.
Prior to this, if I saw the spotty brood, I would just assume it was a failing queen, even though this hive was requeened this last spring and was doing fine great mid August according to my notes, where she was found and put in the bottom super. Now that I've seen her dragging this egg around and thinking she has deposited it, could she be sick or is this is one of the signs of failing?
This hive still has a lot of bees, about half the amount as my other hives and a bunch of capped brood, even though it very spotty. It was easy to notice the last few days as there were not as many bees flying compared to other hives (a good reason to have at least 2 hives to check them against each other) and we still have a lot of bloom. I will probably divide the bees up and add them to other hives (I don't have another weak hive) since I'm wanting to reduce the number of hives I'm taking care of anyways.
By the way, you guys are great, kudos to you all.
Thanks, Janet