We know that bees can be regressed to small (natural) cell to help control v-mites. We know that a smaller cell will forcable make a larva develope smaller body characteristics. But are there actual genetic qualities, maybe through an evolution, that are changes in queens, drones, or brood that ultimately a "regressed queen" eventually supercedes?

Workers build regressed brood for worker cells, do they build regressed supercedure queen cells? Regressed drone cells?

If so, could bought queens be too large to accept regressed hives? Could they be too big for the hive to accept the queen?
-I know right off the bat that someone is going to say that I have a regressed hive and I bought a new queen and she was accepted, but maybe there's a chance that someone else didn't have sucess and it's attributed to regressed expectations of the hive?

If regression is purely a product of workers building cells that squash larva until they're regressed, wouldn't the entire hive be impacted? :confused: