I make a few nucs when I find hives with swarm cells. I made one like this 10 days ago. It had a cell on the bottom of the frame. When I looked in it today, the queen had not chewed out yet. I found a clump of bees on the side of the nuc box and when I brushed them aside, I found a large queen cell there! It was solidly attached to the side. Never have I seen such a thing nor do I know where it came from. Evidentally I must have missed one that was higher up on the frame.

Anyway, I carefully scraped it off the box and saw her chewing her way out. I took my 5 year old boy into the truck with me to watch her come out. He thought it was so cool. She was a beautiful queen. I put her in a cage and made up another nuc. She has to do well with her strange way coming to be.